Bird Nest Removal


Bird Nest Removal

Unfortunately it is a fact that birds like to nest in chimneys. Nesting season is mid March until August, so you may not be using your fire when the birds are nesting, but they do not tend to clear up when they are finished with their nest.

Signs that you have birds nesting in your chimney are twigs at the bottom of the chimney, a lot of bird activity around the pot, or your chimney becoming very quiet (it’s blocked). If you suspect birds are nesting, try not to burn it, but give us a call and we will come out.

Our bird nest removal is done with as little disturbance as possible to your home. We will seal the chimney whilst using our specialist tools to remove the entire nest, as well as checking using CCTV that all the nest has been removed.

We can recommend and fit a suitable bird guard to prevent future nesting.

If you think you require bird nest removal call us on 07415 449800.