What is the best type of wood to burn

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What is the best type of wood to burn

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Wood has been the natural choice for fires since the first caveman lit a flame, but there are many types of wood, so which is best

Apple – Burns slowly and produces a pleasant scent

Ash – Produces a steady flame and good heat output

Beech – A great wood for burning, with great heat

Birch – Burns quickly, but produced good heat

Hawthorn – Traditional firewood with a slow burn

Horse Chestnut – Better in stoves than open fires, as it can spit, but strong heat output

Oak – Small flame, but very slow burning

Robina – Slow burn and strong heat, but can produce an acrid smoke

Thorn – Steady flame and very strong heat without excess smoke.


Don’t forget that any wood you use needs to be dried properly, read How to dry your firewood