Fire Rated Foam

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Fire Rated Foam

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You may have read recently of a number of incidence involving self expanding foam used to seal materials in close proximity to solid fuel appliances being at risk of igniting. Due to the risks with this installation practice we thought we’d give a bit of clarification on the issue.

Most filler products on the market today are designed for sealing cavities to reduce the escape of heat and air from a building. These are normally used in such instances as sealing of fireproof doors, cable ducts and sealing of connections between walls. These products are solely designed to be used in these types of construction and are NOT suitable for installations involving solid fuel or biomass burning.

Fire rated foam filler are required to have a verified ‘Reaction to Fire’ – this means they do not contribute to the spread of flame, however this does not necessarily mean the product is non-combustible. It is essential that only products verified as A1 non-combustible are used in solid fuel applications.

As a HETAS qualified installer we only use A1 rated foam products and also ensure that Building Regulation requirements J4 Protection of Buildings are met with all installations.