Burning your Christmas Tree – is it safe?

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Burning your Christmas Tree – is it safe?

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Well Christmas is well and truly over, but how many of you still have your dead Christmas tree hanging about waiting to be disposed of? Perhaps you are thinking that burning it will be a lot easier than dragging it into the car and down to the tip? Unfortunately burning your Christmas tree is not such a good idea.

The needles and branches of fir trees contain substances which have a very high energy content, if you burn these in your fireplace or wood burner it could lead to a chimney fire. The trunk is not quite as risky, however you do need to dry this wood out completely in order for it to be safe to burn. For more details on drying your firewood read my blog

It is also worth bearing in mind that fir wood (also pine and spruce) creates a lot of creosote which can built up inside your chimney and cause fires